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Alora Ambiance's festa fragrance is a delicious mix of cinnamon and bitter orange, and not only is festa perfect for the holidays, but festa makes a perfect hostess gift.

Alora Ambiance's festa gift sets includes an 8 oz. festa diffuser and 9 oz festa candle. This year the festa candle from Alora Ambiance has been reformulated to offer even more of that cinnamon and bitter orange festa fragrance Alora fans have come to love each holiday season.

Just in time for the holiday season comes Alora Ambiance's festa, an 8 oz. charmer reminiscent of cozy winter afternoons spent fireside in the chalets of the Dolomites. Much like the signature mulled wines of the region, festa (a limited-edition member of the Alora Ambiance family) will seduce you with a blend of cinnamon and bitter orange so evocative, you'll swear you can actually heard the fire crackling. Festa. The perfect little something to get us all in the spirit.

Light up the holiday season with Alora Ambiance's festa fragrance. The fall season brings about many changes: cool weather, warmer attire, the close of long summer weekends at the beach. Although many dread summer's end, Alora Ambiance gives us a reason to be excited. Escape into your own wonderland this holiday season with the captivating aroma of a new limited-edition fragrance from Alora Ambiance called festa. Festa, the Italian translation for holiday or party, was inspired by the incredible vacations Annie and Therese Gibbons, Alora Ambiance creators, spent together skiing in the dolomites. After a long day at the slopes they would retreat to the comfort and warmth of the chalet and drink a delicious and fragrant glass of Vino Brule, an Italian mulled wine served with a cinnamon stick and slick of orange. The aroma of this memory is captured in festa's key notes of burnt orange and cinnamon that is housed in a beautiful, sleek amber colored bottle with distinct suede label. Bring solace to your home and the homes of friends and family these fall and winter holidays with a beautiful and unique gift of festa from Alora Ambiance. Impress those with the most discernable tastes with the subdued elegance of festa. Create the perfect party with the perfect hostess gift of festa from Alora Ambiance.

Alora Ambiance's festa fragrance is a top seller and Alora Ambiance fans beg for festa to be available all year long.  Just a few comments from our customers:

Festa is soooo holiday! My studio smells amazing. Thank you Alora!

Festa is the best scent from Alora Ambiance. Love it!

Love, love, love Alora - between festa and bella I can't choose a fave!

Alora Ambiance's festa diffuser will be available in October. Multiple festa special offers will be available from Alora Ambiance throughout the holiday season.

Please please please Alora Ambiance, make festa available all year long! Festa is the best!

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