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Are refills available?
We do not offer refills for two reasons. First, after using one bottle of fragrance the sticks are completely saturated and will not wick additional bottles (in other words, they won't be able to absorb any more liquid and therefore won't diffuse any fragrance). Second, pouring a new bottle of fragrance into an old bottle may alter the fragrance. Finally, the glass bottle is how we package and ship the liquid diffuser fragrance, so you would be getting a new glass bottle either way.

What is the shelf life?
We encourage you to use unopened bottles of fragrances within three years.

Why does the color of the fragrance vary from bottle to bottle?
The essential oils in our fragrances naturally darken with time. This will occur in both opened and unopened bottles. Both heat and sunlight will increase darkening, and if excessive, may alter the fragrance.

Why are some fragrances stronger than others?
Our solution of alcohol and essential oils is the same for all of our fragrances. However, essential oils each have a different level of intensity and depending on the combination, will vary from one fragrance to another.

Why does the rate of evaporation vary from bottle to bottle?
Different air conditions will affect the rate at which the reed diffusers evaporate. Dry climates, heated spaces, air conditioning and air purifiers can all increase the rate of evaporation whereas more humid conditions might cause the fragrance to last longer. Flipping the sticks often will also affect the rate of evaporation.

Can a bottle be closed and then reopened at a later date?
Yes, closing the bottle for later use is fine. Just make sure to keep both caps and the boxes for easy storage.

What are the fragrances made of?
Our fragrances are a combination of alcohol and essential oils. Like any other product containing alcohol, should the fragrance come into contact with your eyes or mouth, flush with water immediately.

How do the diffusers work?
Due to the alcohol content in the diffusers, the fragrance evaporates into the air via the porous reed sticks. Flipping the sticks controls the amount of fragrance in your space.

Can the fragrances be used as a perfume?
Yes, essentially our fragrances are the same as perfume and can safely be used on the body. We do suggest you test a small amount on your skin before doing so.

How are the diffusers assembled?
Simply remove the closed wood cap and replace with open wood cap by screwing firmly onto the bottle. Insert all of the sticks inside the bottle and flip initially to saturate, then as needed for desired intensity. Use care when handling the diffusers near an open flame or finished surfaces. The fragrance is flammable and can remove the finish from furniture.

How long will the diffusers last?
The 16 oz. diffuser will last 4-6 months, the 8 oz. diffuser will last 2-3 months and the 2 oz. Alora To Go diffuser will last 3-6 weeks.

Why doesn't my diffuser smell as strong as it used to? Have you changed the formula?
Our formulas have not changed.   What has happened is a common occurrence: your nose has grown accustomed to the fragrance and therefore you don't notice it as much. To avoid this, we recommend alternating fragrances.

How does the Alora To Go work?
Alora To Go can be used as either a mini diffuser or room and body spray and is ideal for smaller spaces or when traveling.

How long does the Alora To Go last?
If used as a diffuser, Alora To Go will last 3-6 weeks. When fragrance has evaporated place the saturated sticks inside the suede pouch and use to scent a drawer, car or closet.

Can the Alora To Go be used as a perfume?
Yes, essentially our fragrances are the same as perfume and can safely be used on the body. We do suggest you test a small amount on your skin before doing so.

Why soy?
Unlike those made of paraffin wax, soy candles emit very little soot and they burn at a lower temperature allowing them to last longer than paraffin candles. Soy candles are also non-toxic and help reduce the dependency on crude oil.

What should I do the first time I burn my candle?
When burning candle for the first time, trim wick to 1/4" and burn until pool of wax covers the entire surface. This will help candle burn evenly and prevent waste along sides of container.

How long will the candle last?
Burn candle 3-4 hours at a time. Burning for longer periods of time can cause wick to mushroom, a sign it needs to be trimmed. Approximate burn time of candle is 50 hours.

Why is my candle smoking?
Anytime the flame is disturbed on a candle, soot is released from the flame causing the candle to smoke. To ensure even burning and to prevent smoking: keep candle away from drafts, re-center wick after extinguishing candle and always keep wick trimmed to 1/4".

Where should I burn my candle?
Always burn candle on a stable, heat-resistant surface and use wood top as a coaster while burning. Allow candle to cool before replacing wood top. The wood top may also be used as a coaster for our diffusers. Keep wax pool free of trimmings and other foreign objects. Keep candle out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources. CAUTION: Never leave burning candle unattended and keep away from pets and children.

Why should I trim the wick on a candle?
Allowing the wick to get too long causes the wick itself to burn, which results in the candle smoking. Keeping the wick trimmed and burning the candles away from drafts will help control the flame and prevent smoking that can blacken the jar.

How often should I trim the wick?
Trim wicks to 1/4" before initial burn and then as needed when wick begins to mushroom.

What's so great about the Alora Ambiance wick trimmer?
Created by Rubis, a Swiss surgical tool company famous worldwide for their tweezers, our wick trimmer is made of stainless steel and is incredibly effective. Plus the 90 degree angle makes it perfect for container candles.

I just set up my new diffuser and all I smell is alcohol. Is this normal?
When you initially set up your diffuser, it will smell a bit like alcohol for a day or two as some of the alcohol in the fragrance evaporates into the air. After a couple of days, the alcohol smell will dissipate and the diffuser's fragrance will be much more apparent.

What happens if I let the wick get too long and the jar becomes black?
Because our candles are made of soy wax, they are water-soluble and cleaning the jar with a wet cloth will easily wipe away the soot.

Why does the top of my candle look bumpy after burning?
Due to the nature of soy-based candles, variation in color and texture is normal once the candle has been burned.

What are the soaps made of?
Our soaps include fragrance, water and the following natural ingredients:   - Sodium Rapeseedate: a sustainable oilseed crop that provides the cleansing properties of the soap and is produced from the saponification process of rapeseed oil - Sodium Cocoate: provides the cleansing properties of the soap and is produced from the saponification process of coconut oil - Glycerin: humectant - Sodium Citrate: a natural biodegradable chelating agent derived from non-GMO corn   - Butyrospermum Parkii (shea butter): moisturizing agent   All of the ingredients rate as a low hazard on the Cosmetic Safety Database.

Are the soaps organic?
While they are not certified organic, our soaps are formulated with natural ingredients and an all natural, palm free vegetable soap base. The soap base comes from a sustainable source that uses rapeseed and coconut oils rather than palm oil.

Why rapeseed and coconut oil vs. palm oil?
Palm oil cultivation has been documented as causing substantial and often irreversible damage to the natural environment including deforestation, habitat loss of critically endangered species and increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Rapeseed and coconut oils are both sustainable resources. When combined, they create a soap base that offers superior performance producing a rich and luxurious lather.

What does triple milled mean?
Tripled milled, or as some refer to it, French milled, is a superior soap making process that allows the ingredients to be more uniformly blended which ensures consistency in formulation. Triple milled simply means the soap formula is run through the machinery or "milled" a minimum of three times.

Why shea butter?
Shea butter acts as an emollient, which rests on the surface of the skin creating a barrier to limit trans-epidermal water loss. Shea tree or Butyrospermum parkii is an indigenous tree to Africa and is the origin of shea butter. The actual percentage of shea butter in our soap formulation is 25%.

Are the soaps parabens and phatlate free?

What size are the soaps?
The soaps are a 7 oz. (200g) bar and measure 4"W x 2.5"D x 1"H.

Will the soaps be available in other Alora Ambiance fragrances?
At this time we only offer soaps in the following fragrances: isola, bimbi, verde, agrume, vaniglia and arancia but we may add other Alora Ambiance fragrances in the future.

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