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Alora Ambiance is the result of sisters Annie and Therese Gibbons' 15-year adventure living the Lake Como, Italy. Annie and Therese Gibbons, the creators of the Alora Ambiance home fragrance collection, were the first to market the reed diffuser concept here in the United States after discovering the age-old Italian wicking method while living in Lake Como, Italy. Since launching Alora Ambiance, Annie and Therese have created a cottage industry of competitors, but still remain the home fragrance category's beloved innovator.

Despite being pioneers in the reed diffuser market, their plans for growth in the home fragrance category do not include branching out into soaps, lotions, bath salts, etc. "We don't want to compete with the Kiehl's of the world" says Therese. "People continue to tell us that our reed diffusers are the best on the market so we'll expand by adding more unique fragrances" she adds. Additional growth comes from carefully selecting new retailers to carry their highly coveted home fragrance collection. Despite being leaders in the home fragrance market by introducing reed diffusers to the US market, they want to remain a small company. "Quality of life is hugely important to us," says Annie. They may not hand assemble diffusers with the help of their father on the family farm any longer and they do enjoy a day out of the office now and then. But if you call either of their offices, your odds of speaking to either of them are very good. Customer service is hugely important to them and they both agree that speaking to fans of their home fragrance collection is one of the highlights of being in business.

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